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As the new year gets underway, here are the top 2022 trends for flooring, tile, colors, bathroom, and kitchen for your house.

Flooring Trends

Flooring trends remain steady for 2022, drawing on previous years’ style for a classic foundation and timeless looks. This year porcelain stoneware is soaring right now to the top of the lists, along with parquet wood designs. Wood coloring this year is showing bleached woods, vintage barn wood planks, and timber paired with concrete. A lot of beige and grey are being seen also. So watch out for this, not only in flooring plans but also in tiles, backsplashes, and paint.

  • Porcelain Stoneware

  • Hexagonal Tile & Wood Patterns

  • Bleached Wood

  • Timber + Concrete Combos

  • Barnwood Tiles & Planks

  • Natural Colors & Style

  • Beige & Grays

  • Parquet


Colors of the Year

After the craziness of the past couple of years, 2022 is all about staying cool.

That’s why 2022’s color palette is all creating calm and peace, featuring pale greens and beiges with hints of pale blues and grey to pull it all together. This palette is sure to create a calm, airy atmosphere for your house.

  • Pale Green

  • Beige

  • Pale Blue

  • White

  • Pale Gray

  • Airy Colors

Bathroom Trends

Bathroom trends for 2022 are simple but with a twist. Greenery to lighten up the bathroom aesthetic is very popular this year. Plants can add a simple, calming aesthetic with any color scheme in the bathroom, dark or light. Along with the greenery is stand-alone stools or benches. These add a 3D dimension to the bathroom. Stand-alone tubs are also very popular. These add a texture to the bathroom different from everything being attached to the wall around the room. One more architectural trend is a wet room/walk in shower. The wet room can include the shower and tub separate from the rest of the area. This area can make the room feel more isolated, relaxing, and romantic. Moving to colors, tile, and wallpaper; statement wallpapers/murals and marble, mixing textures, and a sleek color scheme (using light or dark colors) are being seen in bathroom makeovers for 2022. Even though the trend this year is light and airy with addition of greenery, a dark color scheme is stepping into the picture, especially with walk-in showers and wet rooms. The dark color scheme can still give a natural, sleek look if done with the right color palette and décor.

  • Plants / Greenery

  • Scenic Murals / Statement Wallpaper & Tiles
  • Benches & Stools

  • Statement Marble

  • Mixing Textures

  • Matching Materials & Colors

  • Standalone Tubs

  • Walk-In Showers & Wet Rooms

  • Dark Color Palettes


Kitchen Trends

2022 kitchens are all about at mixing natural looking material within the same area. Natural light is a big must-have this year, along with natural countertops and backsplashes. This combination will add a clean and airy feeling to your kitchen. Natural doesn’t always mean all white though. Dark accented kitchens are everywhere this year. This adds a sophisticated look to the place you will spend a lot of time in. Slab backsplashes are coming in hot this year as well. It’s instant focal point you need in your kitchen! Not into slab? Try a colored marble to draw the eye of your guest. Or try something more subtle with a glass backsplash or a natural stone. Coordinate these with your countertops as a little mix-matching pattern moment!

  • Natural Light

  • Pops of Color

  • Slab Backsplashes

  • Green Marble

  • Mixing Patterns

  • Porcelain Countertops

  • Wood Finishes

  • Glass & Natural Stone Backsplashes

  • Colored Marble


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